Egyptian Electronics Comapny | الشركة المصرية للالكترونيات

About us

Egyptian Company for Electronics - Egyptian company aims to find advanced software and technology solutions to meet all the requirements of the Egyptian market by following up and monitoring and running the business automatically through any computer or mobile phone connected to the Internet and we can provide advanced solutions for the establishment and installation and supply and inspection and maintenance and design of ordinary surveillance cameras Or network cameras in companies, banks, shops, palaces and homes
We deal with the major international agencies in the field of insuring houses, palaces and villas to provide the latest burglar alarm systems and against breaking doors and glass, as well as securing the entry of individuals and secure rooms and facilities and we can provide all kinds of electronic gates remote control regardless of the size of gates or weight
Our company is characterized by its wide coverage to all regions of the Arab Republic of Egypt, where engineers and distributors to provide the best services to our customers and gives the company a guarantee for its work for a full year, and therefore we consider the contract with us is the beginning of a long and lasting and not the end of the work is also characterized by competitive prices where it In the recent period in cooperation with companies and institutions specialized in security systems and protection so we represent all the rings of the market from the stage of manufacturing the product and even installed to the customer at his work or home

The Egyptian Company is pleased to provide you with an overview of the company's activity in the local market

  • Satellite Receiving Systems
  • Fire alarm
  • Intercom and internal radio
  • Security surveillance cameras
  • Internal exchanges
  • Fax machines
  • Intercom audio and video
  • Systems and Projectors
  • Processing of conference rooms
  • Security gates and hours of attendance and departure
  • Metal detection systems
  • Traffic gates
  • Sound systems
  • Central Networks
  • Access Control Systems
  • Smart Homes
  • Automatic garage gates
  • Central shower

The electronic equipment maintenance center is equipped with the latest maintenance equipment

Egyptian Electronics Company is an agent and authorized distributor for international companies

  • Agent and service center and maintenance of the Spanish company Ftemaximal, which works in the field of receiving receivers and systems central networks for audio and video systems
  • Distributor of the products of Aci Farfisa Italian company producing audio and video intercoms for residential units, companies and facilities
  • Security surveillance camera distributor of Fine CCTV, TP Security, and Panasonic of Japan

The company also imports security surveillance systems through internal networks and Internet Dvr System
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